War on Waste

Natural resources are being depleted due to uncontrolled production of non-biodegradable waste and improper waste disposal. To win this War on Waste, there is a need to unite and urge more companies, as well as the national government, to act now in order to preserve the natural resources for future generations. As one of the private corporations supporting the War on Waste initiative, PCPPI, guided by our sustainability framework, formed partnerships and implemented initiatives that address waste production and disposal.

Our product portfolio’s recyclability is as follows:


returnable glass bottles


special packaging of pre-mixed beverages for soda fountains


high-value recyclable PET


aluminum can

We continue to improve on our operational efficiency, constantly developing and learning best practices and utilizing technology in order to minimize waste produced throughout our operations.

Packaging material

2018 reduction 2019 reduction 2014-2019 reduction

Plastic resin used in PET containers

38.3 metric tons 19.7 metric tons 863.4 metric tons
Glass material in glass bottles 1,040.4 metric tons 1,040.4 metric tons 6,467.5 metric tons
Carton material for packaging 68.95 metric tons 11.0 metric tons 921.35 metric tons

In 2019, PCPPI has successfully recycled 81% of in-plant solid waste, putting us right on track in reaching our 85% goal by 2020. We aim to achieve 100% recyclability in our packaging by 2025, as per our commitment to PepsiCo’s 2025 goals.