Message from the new President and CEO



2020 was a year of transition and change. when I took over as President and CEO in 2020. I Knew there were exciting opportunities ahead for PCPP with its healthy financials, great products portfolio, and passionate team.

The business was off to a good start with the first quarter's metrics trending above our expectations. Just a few weeks before the end of March., however, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a global crisis harming businesses, as well as global and national economies. Similar to most businesses, PCPPI's sales were negatively impacted. But PCPPI's quick action and strong spirit were key to rebound from this ordeal.

A lot has happened since. Here are some highlights.


Caring for ourselves and one another

As part of the essential workforce, we immediately responded to implement health and safety protocols and provide safety paraphernalia to our employees. Workplace flexibilities and additional COVID 19-related benefits were also installed to ensure that our employees can safely fulfill their duties as essential workers

As we gradually return to work, we educated our employees on the safe ways to operate in the new " normal". We also conducted training to boost employees' mental health and overall wellbeing.

In parallel, we assisted our communities with hydration drinks and other resources. Our products instantly found their way in checkpoints and hospitals to heed to government's call for immediate assistance.


Rebounding back strongly

As a provider of essential goods, we carried out business operations and decisions reasonably and with prudence. As demand for our products was temporarily affected during the early months of the lockdown, we focused firstly on driving efficiency and cost-saving, with fixed cost per eight-ounce reduced by 33% by year-end 2020. We also made a conscious decision to continue employing all our regular employees.