Message from the new President and CEO

Win and learn

PCPPI came out strong in 2018 with the achievements of the Company as well as our first annual and sustainability report Win as One. In 2019, the Company aimed to be better. Thanks to the programs and initiatives implemented by Mr. Yongsang You, my predecessor, I aim to continue our strong strategy, particularly during this time where the situation has greatly changed. 

Uncertainty is inevitable; and we have trained our people to roll with the punches—whether this means external conditions that are beyond our control, or internal changes in leadership and direction. We addressed the changes, first, through effective communication, and secondly, by maintaining a working environment with built-in programs to enhance and recalibrate our workforce’s skills. We also shifted how our operations work for the safety of our people given the new protocols and systems set in place by the national government. This is a challenge that I, and the whole PCPPI, face head on.


Preparing to win

Better communication is key in dealing with the current situation the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on us. Our established Sustainability Task Force, composed of business unit heads, will continue to discuss regularly and comprehensively the Company’s current programs and planned future developments. Final decisions will be cascaded down the line, resulting to better integration, cross-functionalities, and more seamless implementation. 

We aim to continue developing programs that will reap long-term benefits for PCPPI, the society, and the environment. To reduce our emissions, we have conducted studies on alternative refrigerants and are in the process of procuring the appropriate equipment. To get a better grasp on our water footprint, we have also conducted assessment studies on our water resources for our plants and nearby communities. We will continue finding ways to help conserve our natural resources. 

We have invested and will be investing in equipment that will allow us to shorten production steps and minimize resource use. We are also looking at equipment that will allow us to do more efficient waste recovery and recycling, together with our partner communities and organizations. In line with our sustainability framework and purposive strategies, we aim to achieve solutions that benefit our Company, as well as the host community, and the environment.


Resiliency during tougher times

Greater modifications to our power plants may take time and given the current situation, it might take longer. Regardless, I see the situation as an opportunity for PCPPI to optimize operations despite the challenges, and to unite the workforce towards achieving the goals we have set out since we started our sustainability journey. We will continue to transform our business and strengthen our safety initiatives for the benefit of our employees, suppliers, and end customers. We provide our employees with the means to not only survive the current situation, but to thrive as much as possible. 

We continue to give them training programs in their homes, allowing them to build their capabilities for them to fulfill their work duties. We also provide them the means 
to stay healthy and not get infected. 

PCPPI still remains a purposive business amidst the fears and uncertainties caused by COVID-19. This is evident in the recent efforts initiated by our plants nationwide during the first quarter of 2020. Our Pepsi Bravehearts personally went out to deliver product donations to frontliners and hospitals while observing proper protocols. We have also lent out Pepsi tents for personnel in checkpoints nationwide. We have delivered more than 10,000 cases or almost 200,000 bottles of drinks and lent 120 tents to checkpoints. We also provided millions of our hydration drinks and high-quality beverages and nutritious meals to communities made even more vulnerable by the pandemic.

We remain inspired and confident to continue our purpose due to the passion and spirit of service truly evident in each Pepsi Braveheart. As one winning team, PCPPI will brave through the current situation as we continue pushing for our goals and objectives as a purposive business for the society and the environment.