100 Cars for the Future: Pepsi rewards loyal customers in latest promo
October 15, 2013

Christmas starts early in Pepsi-Cola.

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI) is giving away one free Mitsubishi Mirage car every day for 100 days from September 16 to December 24, 2013. Other prizes are 30,000 bottles of two-liter Pepsi and 100,000 free P16-load for the participants’ mobile phones.

Dubbed “Pepsi Overdrive,” the promotions campaign is meant to further firm up the company’s leadership in the domestic soft drinks industry, and to change the lives of its loyal customers with an exciting, free, and nationwide chance to win a car within 100 days. It comes as a follow-through to the soft drink giant’s earlier sales promotion campaign called PEPSI Hataw Araw-Araw, which also featured a bonanza of daily prizes topped by the elegant Mitsubishi Mirage cars.

Now, Pepsi Overdrive goes nationwide and is open to all drinkers of Pepsi soft drink products aged 13 and above, except those who are expressly disqualified under the promo rules as identified by the organizers.The promo covers all beverages under the Pepsi portfolio, such as Pepsi  (Regular, Light, Max), Mountain Dew, 7Up, Mirinda, Mug Rootbeer, and Sting Energy Drink.  

“It’s easy to win. Just look under the crown of the Pepsi soft drinks you bought, then text the eight-digit code to 2929, with the format ‘PEPSICODE’, shared Angel Motomal, Marketing Manager, Pepsi Philippines. Text messages from SMART subscribers are FREE of charge, while Globe subscribers pay reduced rates of P1.00 per message. 

“Each code can be used only once. A code sent more than once will not be registered and shall be considered invalid”, Motomal  added.

One winner of the Mirage car and 300 winners of the Pepsi two-liter will be picked in the daily raffles, and announced through the official Pepsi Philippines Facebook page. The winners must claim their prizes within 60 days from notification through text messages. Read the full promo mechanics at www.facebook.com/PepsiPhilippines. 

“Pepsi Overdrive is also our modest way of expressing sincere gratitude to our ever-growing number of patrons and supporters out there who have made up the strong foundations of our dramatic growth in the local market,”  said Partho Chakrabarti, President, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI)

“Rest-assured that no PCPPI generosity will be too large nor too small as we endeavor to return the profusion of support that continue to come our way from loyal Filipino consumers,” Chakrabarti stressed.