Pepsi Philippines Declares Cash Dividend
May 27, 2015

The Board of Directors of Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI) has declared an annual dividend of Php0.066 per share to all stockholders of record of PCPPI as of the close of business on 12 May 2015, payable on 05 June 2015. 

PCPPI expects to pay total cash dividends amounting to Php243.8 million representing approximately 30% of its net income after tax in 2014. PCPPI last declared cash dividends in 2013, also at 30% of its 2012 net income after tax.

“Our continued growth momentum has enabled us to deliver results that are aligned with our long-term financial goals, which includes returning cash to our stockholders. We are optimistic that 2015 will see another year of success, fuelled by our long-term plans of investing in the future of our business, augmented by our world-class consumer initiatives, and effective cost management”, stated Furqan Ahmed Syed, PCPPI President.  

In 2014, PCPPI netted an income of Php810.944 Million, with full-year gross sales revenue growth at 13%.