Relief for Supertyphoon Yolanda Victims Through Sagip Kapamilya
November 24, 2013

MANILA, Philippines - Pepsi Cola Products Philippines (PCPPI) CEO Yeon-Suk No and President Partho Chakrabarti donated two million pesos in cash and over PhP 700,000  worth of leading Pepsi product Tropicana Coco Quenchto the ABS-CBN– Sagip Kapamilya Foundation. Approximately 24,000 pieces of the popular drink was turned-over to ABS-CBN through the KrisTV show last November 15, 2013.

Also in the PCPPI team that visited the broadcast network was Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Communications Jika Dalupan, who revealed that, “(PCPPI’s) US and South Korean Principals (Pepsico International and Lotte Chilsung) have donated over USD 1millionin international aid organizations – over and above our local donations here today.” Pepsico International Foundation contributed one million US dollars to four partner agencies: American Red Cross International Response Fund, Give2Asia, Habitat for Humanity International and Save the Children. The Lotte Group of Korea in turn, donated one hundred thousand US dollars to the International Red Cross.

PCPPI also stepped up relief efforts in the Visayas region, primarily in the areas of Tanuan, Leyte where the company operates one of its manufacturing sites. Chakrabarti stressed that “PCPPI is all about touching peoples’ lives through our products and presence in our host communities. Our relief operations have become a source of inspiration and pride for all our 3,000 employees nationwide. We are rebuilding what has been lost, and making sure that PCPPI performs with a strong purpose."


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