Sting powers young Filipino professionals in forging their careers

When in work mode, Filipinos are known to be adaptable, hardworking. As in all their endeavors, Pinoys can achieve great things with focus and determination. Labor Day honors those who continue to blaze their own trails as part of the country’s growth. In this age of countless opportunities, their fresh perspectives and bold personalities help realize unique ideas and great results.

“The younger generations of Filipino professionals joining the workforce are truly inspiring. Similar to their motivation and drive towards becoming productive members of society, we too at Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) are moved to producing more energy-boosting beverages like Sting,” said PCPPI president and chief executive officer Frederick D. Ong. “Sting Energy Drink celebrates the spirit of Filipino professionals regardless of trade or industry. We are proud to continue bringing Sting to more Filipinos as they achieve their aspirations through honest work,” he added.

The refreshing and delicious Sting Energy Drink can boost one’s physical energy and mental energy to get through challenging activities at work. Filipino professionals, young or experienced, can have that extra hataw in energy so they could #HatawsaWork all day long!

Powered with B-Vitamins, Taurine, and Ginseng Extract, Sting is the perfect partner to sharpen the mind and body of every young Filipino. It comes in a strawberry flavor in 300ml and 330ml PET bottles. Sting, the known and well-loved refreshing energy drink with an invigorating boost, is available in supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide.
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